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Simplify Your Daily Routine with Our Mobile Security App

mobile home security app

Once your mobile app is installed you will be able to control your security system and devices on the go, from your smart phone, tablet or computer. This app was created to be user friendly and simple to navigate for all ages. This is ideal for customers who are travelers, parents, caretakers and online shoppers. 

There is no need to hide a key under the mat anymore! In the past, arming or disarming your alarm system could only be done from the control panel or keypad inside your home. When you add the mobile app, you can arm, disarm and check-in on your home’s security anywhere, at any time. There are a wide variety of notifications and alerts already built in to assist you.

Add Individual Users

User codes allow you to customize 4-digit codes that can be assigned to individual users. When this unique user code is used to disarm the system and enter the house, the app will notify you of exactly who entered and when.

This is also beneficial to business owners who have several different employees. You will be able to see exactly what time your employees are arming and disarming the system without being in the office.

No-Show Alerts

Another popular feature is no-show alerts. A No-show alert is sent directly to your phone to inform you when someone who was supposed to arrive and disarm the alarm did not show up. This works well for children returning home from school, housekeepers and pet sitters. This provides peace of mind to customers who are leaving for long stretches of time.

Video Alerts

If you make the choice to add cameras in your home, you will not miss a moment of activity! Receive video alerts when activity is detected at your home or watch live video. With this function, you can drop in on the house any time to check on your family, pets or disturbances. Even take a look at the front door via your doorbell camera!


Geo-services are a useful feature that allows you to customize your automatic alerts and functions determined by your physical location. This advanced technology understands what is happening around your property and takes action on your behalf.

If you leave the area without locking your door and arming the system, it will alert you right away and lock the door for you. You can program the app to adjust the thermostat, turn off the lights, lock the doors, and shut the garage when you leave the premises. 

24 Hour Protection

At Executive Security Consultants we strive to simplify your daily routines. We will keep you and your property safe with 24/7 professional monitoring and emergency response.  Our systems are monitored by our licensed U.L. approved Affiliated Central Monitoring Station. We will protect your family like we protect our own.

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