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Each year, an average of 2 million home burglaries are reported in the United States. That’s the alarming equivalent to a break-in every 13 seconds.

As a company, we believe that when it comes to home security, education and understanding is the key to building safer communities. While we are in the business of providing our expertise in securing your residence and commercial property, we feel that it is also our duty to share with you the knowledge we have acquired in our over thirty years of experience protecting Central Ohio. 

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When Do Break-ins Occur?

home security in columbusWhen you think of home invasions, oftentimes the following scenario plays in your head: you awake in the middle of night to a strange noise in the kitchen, you tiptoe downstairs, flip on the lights, and find a masked stranger in the living room. While this might make for great TV, this is not the reality for most break-ins.

In our experience, the majority of residential break-ins occur in broad daylight between 10am-4pm.

Why? Because criminals know that this is when most residents are at work and school. Due to the fact that most break-ins occur in broad daylight, some homes tend to be more vulnerable than others.

Is Your Home Vulnerable?

home break in robberyThe short answer to this is yes, every home is vulnerable. Some homes, however, are more vulnerable than others.

Statistics show that homes in the middle of the block and homes that are further away from the street are more vulnerable than those that are on the corner and those nearer to the street. This is because criminals prefer to be hidden from view of neighbors and/or passing cars as they scout your residence for any unlocked windows or doors.

5 Types Of Burglars

Statistics show that by installing a business or home security system, it greatly reduces the likelihood of a break-in. Burglars know how to determine whether a home or business is protected, and trust us, they would much rather enter a home without sirens triggering the police.

residential security specialists in columbusIn our thirty years in the industry, we recognize that there are five common types of burglars.

We’ve recognized this because often we are called AFTER a burglary has already been committed at a site that was previously unprotected. We arrive to install a system that insures it won’t happen again.

In most cases, the home or business owner could have easily avoided their losses by having already installed a basic alarm system.

Understanding the types of burglars will help you to better understand which security system is best for your home or business.

1. The Vandal

This type of burglar is often a teenager in the neighborhood, a homeless person, or a former maintenance person who knows when you’re on vacation or spending the winter months at your home down south. We call this type of burglar the vandal because their burglaries often include extreme damage to the property.

We’ve been called to install security systems in Columbus area homes that had recently suffered severe damage from a party that was thrown not by the homeowners but by someone who knew of the property’s vacancy.

We’ve also seen instances where couples return from spending the winter down south to find that someone has eaten everything in their fridge and pantry and has been living in and damaging their home for weeks.

2. The Porch Pirate

In today’s world of online shopping, it comes as no surprise that one of the most common burglaries we see is parcel delivery theft. This type of burglary increases greatly around the holidays, making for a great Christmas for the thief and a frustrating and costly one for the gift buyer.

We have also seen instances where package thieves repeatedly visit the homes of small business owners to steal parts, tools, and equipment that they know is being delivered regularly.

3. The Stakeout

secure your homeThis is another more common burglary we see where a thief will secretly survey a neighborhood to locate any and all unprotected homes.

They will then use force to enter a home, either by breaking a window or kicking in a back door. These type of burglars often steal TV’s and electronics, moving quickly from one home to the next.

We’ve seen five homes on the same street burglarized within an hour’s time.

4. The Addict

According to the 2017 National Drug threat assessment by the DEA, the opioid threat is reaching epidemic levels, impacting significant portions of the United States. Ohio ranks second in the nation for opioid related deaths.

Substance addicted burglars usually head to medicine cabinets first, they then search for cash. If you have ANY prescription drugs in your cabinets that you are no longer using, we urge you to protect your children and the community by disposing of them immediately.  Click here to learn more about how to safely dispose of your unused medications.

5. The Professional

This type of criminal is, in our experience, the least likely to encounter but when they strike the losses are often devastating. These burglars are the ones who will attend jewelry, coin, or gun shows to see who has the valuable possessions they’re after.

When this burglar breaks into a home or business, they already knows exactly what they are looking for and it doesn’t take them long to find it. This is why we suggest installing cameras in all businesses.

Do You Need A Home Alarm System?

Now that we’ve shared our knowledge on the homes that are most vulnerable and the burglars we see more commonly, it’s time to decide if a system is right for you.

To learn how to determine the areas of your home that are vulnerable to intrusion click here.

How To Protect And Secure Your Home

Before we arrive on-sight, it is best that you understand for yourself the security process. To determine what equipment will work best for your home and learn more about the security process click here.

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