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Fall Home Security Tips

home security tips for the fall

As summer begins to wind down, it’s time to start thinking about the fall. Practicing proper fire and heating safety is especially important in the colder months. As temperatures start to lower, we begin to fire up our furnaces, fireplaces, and space heaters.

Due to the “fall back” time change and the holidays coming ahead, your home may be more vulnerable to a break in.  Executive Security Consultants want to provide you with some preventative tips for ensuring the safety of your family and home this fall.

Fall Home Security Tips

  • Confirm all doors and windows are working properly.
  • Confirm CO2, Fire alarm and security equipment have new batteries and work property.
  • Keep all flammable materials at least 18in away from the furnace at all times.
  • Verify furnace flame is blue NOT orange.
  • Check your chimney for any debris and good ventilation.
  • Use a fireplace screen.
  • Do not leave fire unattended.
  • Make it a habit to remove leaves and other flammable debris periodically.
  • Use caution when using space heaters.
  • Relocate valuables and tools so they are not seen from outside.
  • Lock garage and shed doors.
  • Add outdoor lighting to dark spaces.
  • Prepare flashlights and first aid kits.
  • Never leave candles burning when you go out or go to sleep.
  • Avoid sharing social media posts that disclose your child’s name and what school they attend.
  • Avoid sharing social media posts that show you are away from home. This happens frequently with vacations and plans for the holidays.
  • Discontinue mail and deliveries if you are on vacation.
  • Leave a light on at night.
  • Add home security yard signs and window stickers.
  • Confirm all occupants know how to use police, fire and medical buttons on your security system.
  • Keep all walkways and driveways clear.
  • Prepare winter storm supplies ahead of time.
  • Prepare cars with a window scraper, blanket, gloves and salt or sand for traction in snow.
  • Do not post pictures of Black Friday deal finds or Christmas gifts. This shows criminals what you have stored in your home.
  • Create and practice a safety plan in the event of a break-in, fire or other emergency.

If you feel that your home may be vulnerable this fall please contact Executive Security Consultants for a free consultation. Our technicians are highly qualified, continually educated, and trained by our product manufacturers to ensure that your system’s installation is conducted with the highest level of expertise.

As a locally owned business, there is nothing more important to us than the safely of those in our community. Customize your system today online at execsecurityconsult.com at a price that is right for you.

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