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Security Cameras Help With Elderly Care

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While many people may think of security cameras as protecting our homes from outside intruders, they can also be a valuable tool in helping caretakers keep an eye on loved ones. If your family member has an in-home care aid or staff, cameras can significantly reduce the likelihood of a loved one’s mistreatment.

Majority of family members want to stay home as they age, but they want the security of knowing someone is watching out for them. Cameras can provide that security for you and your family, while allowing them to maintain independence within their own home.

When paired with our home security system, our highly rated central station will alert you and the authorities to issues inside and outside of your loved one’s home.

You have options for smartphone notifications, video recording and live monitoring. When adding Z-wave products you can control the locks, thermostat and lights from your mobile device if your family member forgets or is unable to on adjust these on their own.

The use of camera surveillance for family members with dementia and other cognitive disorders are often vital to control the risk of wandering outside the home into danger. Video monitoring can help assure that the loved one is seen and stopped before leaving the house or venturing far from it.

Two-way audio makes it easy to talk to each other from anywhere at any time. Besides speaking with and seeing our loved ones, being alerted to unusual activity is one of the most important connections that technology can give us when it comes to the people we care about.

Our smart cameras learn your family member’s unique activity patterns and quickly alert you of any unusual activity. This technology is helping families to bridge the gap and stay connected, especially with new social distancing requirements.

Being able to know that your loved one is eating, showering, taking medicine or making it to a doctor appointment is essential for their wellbeing and provides you with around-the-clock peace of mind.

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